Drawing beautiful women


Beauty is not a shape.

I have always loved drawing the human form nude, especially females. I think just about everyone can be portrayed in a beautiful and even sexy with the right pose or lighting.

 I have been very fortunate to maintain a career as a freelance illustrator. That in itself isn't easy. Art is not a need for most people like food, housing, or clothing so it is a career path that is risky from the get go. 

I have managed to keep working by taking on jobs that I am not always passionate about but pay the bills. I have also created Mythica which I love and want to continue to expand but my true aesthetic passion has always been illustrating beautiful women. I always loved the great pinup artists like Gil Elvgren who not only painted beautiful women but also tended to tell a story in his pinups. 

For a long time I was fearful to share my work online because I thought it would blacklist me from getting work not to mention that many sites like facebook will block or even ban users for posting content like this. 

Free the Nipple!

Free the Nipple!

I wasn't sure there was an audience out there who would be receptive enough that I could generate a living from doing just pinups but over the last year or two I have received a lot of positive feedback on my nudes and erotic art and that is encouraging. 

I also have to give thanks, love, and gratitude to all of the women who have had the confidence in themselves and in my skills as an artist to give their hard earned money in the hopes that I would represent them in a beautiful way. 

I would love to have a large enough following that I could do just that for a living. I think it would be amazing to transform women who may not feel like they are sexy and depict them in a way that empowers them, makes them feel beautiful and sexy. In the meantime I will balance it out with all of the other things I do and do sexy illustrations when and where I can.