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Mythica - Darkness Rising

Mythica: Darkness Rising collects the first 6 issues of Mythica, a sexy, action-packed thriller about demon hunting during World War 1. A Scottish soldier, a sultry super spy, and a host of other characters fight for their lives as they discover that demons and vampires are real and trying to kill them. Will they survive?

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Actionline studios is an independent comic and art publisher.

 Inspired by Heavy Metal magazine, the goal is to create great stories and art for adult audiences and help other creators and artist succeed through tutorials, lessons, and feedback from professionals in the industry. Support of Actionline Studios on patreon helps keep comics like Mythica being made.

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Located in Colorado, Actionline Studios central focus is taking action to get great stories made.  With the support of patrons we can bring on and compensate other team members like colorists, letterers, inkers or whatever is needed to get the comics made faster.The first production goal is for Actionline to go from producing one comic a year to 3 comics a year but we will need your help to do that
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