Avengers End Game Spoiler free review

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Like literally billions of others I went to go see Avengers Endgame this past weekend and it was everything I could hope for in a comic book movie.

It exceeded all expectations which is saying a lot because we have come to expect a lot. I feel the secret to that success is that this movie, more than any other it connects with our emotions more than just being full of action and explosions. It has plenty of that though.

Within minutes of the opening scene I was beginning to choke up at the drama already unfolding. From there on the movie tugged at my heart strings. By the end I saw great action, I laughed, I cried. I don’t mean like tearing up either. I mean like lip quivering, gushing waterfall tears. Just when you think, “okay the sad part is over and now the epilogue will give me time to dry my eyes and look normal again (you’ve been there, admit it) nope, there’s more and then again and oh my god they did what?


After 10 years you don’t realize just how invested you are in these characters until this movie. Of all the Marvel movies, none of them feel as raw and human as this one. Some of these actors gave their best Marvel performances to date, especially Robert Downy Jr. , Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth. Not to say there weren’t amazing performances by nearly everyone but they were taking it further than ever seen before in a Marvel movie.

I can’t spoil it but they went a new direction with a couple of the characters. Hulk and Thor were the big surprises. In almost every marvel movie we have seen a slightly different version of the Hulk from “Hulk Smash” to talking and smiling Hulk in Ragnorak. With a character like Hulk whose primary function is to smash things it is impressive how they have kept him interesting and relevant to the story. This version takes him to what I feel is the next logical place and it fits in beautifully.

Then there is Thor. His new persona and look had me laughing out loud in the theater. So much that I want to got see it again and try to sneak a reference pic so I can start working on some fan art. Some people aren’t going to like it but I loved it and felt it fit in beautifully. What’s more is that for the first time we see Thor dealing with some real issues and it humanizes him even more.

Lastly I would say that this movie gives what no other Marvel movie seems to, a sense of finality. In stark contrast to Avengers Infinity War which left us feeling upset that we got part of a movie, this movie ties up everything in what feels like the most epic encore ever.

I will see this movie many times again to be sure.

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